The World’s Best Paying Brands

The World’s Best Paying Brands

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If you are considering an apprenticeship, it may be unclear which type of placement you should aim for during these difficult times. If earning potential is a strong pull factor for you it may be worth looking at which brands pay the highest salaries to their top earners. Its also worth looking at which of these brands are most important to their workers and customers.

So how well do the world’s most valuable brands do in the way of employee satisfaction? What is the average salary you can expect from each of these well-known companies?

Small Business Prices has analysed the globe’s 100 most valuable brands to find out the best for customers and employees. The research included thousands of online reviews, analysing social media following and the average salary to expect in each company.

The top 10 most brands who are the most generous with pay are Ebay, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, PayPal, Oracle, Visa, Cisco and Adobe. For employees at these companies it is very common to earn over £100,000 per year. It certainly looks as though if you want to earn a lot of money tech industries are one of the best options, all of these companies have a large presence in the UK.

Brands like McDonald’s, Zara and Budweiser appear amongst the companies with the lowest annual average salary.

According to the data analysing how women and men compare in terms of average salary, Adobe is the only company where women earn more than men.The best paying company for men is Facebook.

The best 5 companies to work at in the world are: Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Mastercard and Cisco. A large part of employee satisfaction comes from the amount they are paid by their employers. All brands included in the research are known globally for being worth billions and yet some have an much lower average salarys.