Why Should You Do An Apprenticeship?

Why Should You Do An Apprenticeship?

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Completeting an apprenticeship has hundreds of advantages, from gaining a vocational qualification, to getting a head start in your chosen profession. If you'd like to gain work experience while studying apprenticeships may be for you, here's 7 reasons why you should do an apprenticeship.

1: Earn While You Learn

During apprenticeships you work full time so are earning a steady salary and will study part time towards a vocational qualification. Minimum wage is £3.90 but most companies pay more than that. Salary varies depending on the industry, with the average apprentice salary for banking and finance being £20,218.

2: Get a Head Start

One main advantage of apprenticeships is you’ll be gaining valuable work experience whilst studying. You’ll be able to gain a head start over people leaving college and university who won’t have as much work experience as you’ll have gained.

3: ZERO student debt

No matter which level of apprenticeship you’re taking, you don’t have to pay to take classes. This is great, especially if you’re taking a degree apprenticeship as you can leave your apprenticeship with a degree with zero student debt.

4: Develop skills

Apprenticeships help you to develop work specific skills to your chosen industry. Apprentices also develop ‘soft skills’ from working, which employers love such as communication skills, the ability work to deadlines and under pressure, teamwork, and problem-solving. Putting theory into practice and practice into theory will help you at work/during your studies.

5: Networking

During your apprenticeship you’ll get mentoring and support from your employer and develop a close working relationship with people within your organisation. You’ll also meet people within your industry. You never know when a contact might come in handy!

6: Opportunities For Progression

Whilst you’re not guaranteed a job at the end of the apprenticeship 90% are employed after the apprenticeship ends, and 71% stay with their employer. You can work your way up the levels of apprenticeships from GCSE level to Masters degree level.

7: Student Discounts

As you’re still learning you’re technically a student! You can get a student card or an NUS Apprentice discount card, and since you’re earning you’ll actually have the money to buy things!


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