Skype Interview Tips

Skype Interview Tips

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So you’ve made it to the interview stage – congratulations! Skype interviews can be even more daunting than face to face interviews or phone interviews – What do you wear? Where do you look? What do you do if your internet stops working?, read on to find out the answers to all this and more.

Eye Contact

It can be difficult to know where to look when on Skype, tempting as it is, do not look at yourself when you’re talking. You can make ‘eye contact’ by staring straight at the camera. Some people like to put a picture of someone or a drawing by the camera to make it easier.


Dress to impress. Wear the same clothes to a Skype interview as you would to an in person interview. As you’ll be sat down often people only dress smartly from the waist upwards – do not do this! Make sure your entire outfit is professional to save you jumping up after knocking a drink and flashing everyone your flamingo print shorts. You never know what emergencies may happen during the interview, so long as you’re dressed well you’ll avoid embarrassing situations.


Think about where the Skype interview will take place. Set up your laptop and see what the background behind you looks like. Try to find a white blank wall, remove any posters or distracting items. Make sure the room is tidy.


One of the best parts of Skype interviews is you can use notes! The interviewer can’t see what you have on the table/on your screen so have the job description/CV up for your to reference. It’s a great prompt to quickly glance at, but make sure you’re not just reading from it.

Skype Profile

The first thing the interviewer will see is your Skype name and your profile picture, you need to make a good first impression. If you made your Skype account years ago make sure to check your Skype name isn’t something embarrassing like ‘BeckyLovesJLS95’, make sure it’s professional e.g. ‘BeckySmith95’. Also double check your profile picture, change it to a professional looking smiling photo of you.

Quiet Environment

Choose a quiet location for the interview. Call a friend on Skype before the interview in your intended location and see if they can hear any background noises e.g. a loud fridge or people talking in the next room, if they can change the location.


Familiarise yourself with Skype before the interview. Do practice calls with your friends to practice making eye contact with the camera. You could even record the interview to see how you’re coming across and what your body language is saying.

Share Your Work

Have your CV, cover letter, references, and examples of your work (if it’s a creative job) on your screen. The interviewer may want to see them, you can send them easily on Skype by just dropping them into the message.

Skype Chat Link

To save for the hassle of exchanging Skype names and adding each other as a contact you could take a step ahead and send the interviewer a Skype Chat Link. Once they click on the link they’ll be automatically added to the call.

Body Language

Just like an in person interview body language on Skype is important. Don’t slouch, sit up straight and avoid fidgeting. You may have to try harder to look engaged over Skype than you do in person, nod your head occasionally when they’re talking to show that you’re being attentive.

Avoid Interruptions

If you live in a house with multiple people make sure everyone knows what time your interview is taking place so they don’t barge in unannounced.


There’s nothing more annoying than Facebook notifications chiming in as you’re talking. Make sure you’ve turned off notifications and closed all other programs on your computer.

Signal Failure

Buffering is quite common on Skype but can be annoying. Try to conduct the interview in a place with good signal. If the signal fails, don’t panic – use it as an opportunity to show the interviewer how good you are at problem solving! Connection issues are understandable, make sure you have a Plan B for if the call fails– e.g. have another device/Wi-Fi network you can Skype on. To prepare for a worst-case scenario where your internet completely fails ensure that you have their phone number to hand so you can call them apologising and see if they’ll rearrange.

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