How to Build a Solid Looking CV When You Have Little to No Job Experience

How to Build a Solid Looking CV When You Have Little to No Job Experience

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Getting that first foot on the ladder is tough. Someone has to take a chance on you in the first place before you can enter the world of work. So where do you start?

Employers look for strong CVs. But how do you do write a good one if you’ve got little to no job experience? It’s scary putting yourself out there without a solid resume.

You probably think it’s impossible to have a good CV without the right experience. We’re here to say you’re wrong! A decent CV is about more that that.

Follow our 5 no-nonsense tips to create a CV that will grab an employer’s attention. Show them what you can offer, and start your working life on the right path…

1: Promote yourself

There’s something you can do right away to boost that new CV, and best of all you can do it from home. The art of self-promotion is well worth mastering.

Here’s the thing. You must have something that inspires you. A topic or pursuit you know a lot about, which you can explain or comment on. Even if it seems trivial!

Why not start a blog so you can write about this? Or, if words aren’t your thing, then how about vlogging and communicating with the world that way? It could even lead to an income…

One simple link on a CV can show that potential employer what makes you tick, a powerful persuasion tool. However, if self promotion isn’t for you then…

2: Work wherever possible

A temptation when looking for a career is holding out for the perfect job. In the meantime time passes, and before long you’ve been unemployed a while.

Have you thought about this? Taking a job for work experience. It looks good on your CV, and keeps you afloat financially while you hunt for other roles.

Many jobs have transferable skills, even those that seem totally disconnected from your chosen field. Highlight these skills, and how they make you the right candidate.

Apprenticeships are a great way of getting experience of the workplace, and building your skills. There are plenty of resources out there to help you apply, such as this site.

3: Your life experience

An employer will look at the person as well as the piece of paper, or online document. We’ve covered self-promotion and work experience. But there’s more to explore.

This is great. You can include details of what you do when not trying to earn money. Clubs or societies you’re part of. Awards you may have won, or your general achievements.

It can be crucial mentioning your life experience, even though you’re just starting out. Showing your approach to daily tasks, and displaying the right attitude, demonstrates employability.

4: Start a business

Why wait around for employers to come to you, when you can kick things off yourself? Starting a business is intimidating, but many have succeeded in the long run.

It’s tough but rewarding. Maybe you already have an idea in mind. Go out and research it, get your head around the marketplace and then have a go!

And you don’t need the world’s best or most original concept. Selling everyday or interesting items from home for extra income can be pretty easy these days.

Do you have great communication skills? Then affiliate marketing is something to look into. Helping others promote their products is a top life skill to have for the future.

5: CV writing tips

Last, but by no means least, is the writing of the CV itself. For some this can be the trickiest step of all, but don’t worry. Just keep it short, simple and informative.

Now, the rules for writing the perfect CV shift around a bit. The general idea is not to waffle on, whilst giving employers a flavour of who it is they’re looking at.

A brilliant way of telling people what you can offer without a chunky CV is a covering letter. Read up on the most up to date stuff the industry is looking for here.

Doing different CVs for different types of role is also advised. Rearrange your details accordingly to maximize your chances of scoring that job.

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