Degree Apprenticeships in Bristol

Degree Apprenticeships in Bristol

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Taking a Degree Apprenticeship provides apprentices with work place experience and an official academic qualification. They are a brilliant opportunity to study and learn workplace skills at the same time.

There are so many degree apprenticeships on offer in Bristol and it can be a brilliant place to study and work. Unlike other university cities, many graduates choose to stay in Bristol. Equally many other graduates flock to Bristol due to its diverse, multicultural and vivacious vibe. The city exults a magnitude of thriving industries including aerospace, technology, IT and marketing. Bristol has a fantastic seaport, meaning nautical and engineering opportunities are abundant. The city also has a large standing in the motor vehicle industry, being the largest importer in the UK. As well as this the city has also made significant advances in aerospace and manufacturing. The Filton Area is particularly great for engineering roles due to the headquarters for BAE, Airbus and Rolls Royce. The Filton Abbey Wood area is an amazing place for defence workers looking for new opportunities. The district currently accommodates 7,000 Ministry of Defence employees. Being in the ‘Silicon Gorge’, Bristol is also renowned for its opportunities in finance, IT and technology.

So, Bristol is the perfect place for career driven youngsters, hungry to excel in their profession whilst also enjoying an exuberant lifestyle. Bursting with young professionals there are many established societies and networks to help young people through the relocation process. Bristol Young Professionals society boasts over 1,200 members from over 100 different companies. Bristol has been termed a ‘Baby London’ being a social and professional hub, it does share many attributes with the capital city. However, much like London renting and mortgage costs can be quite expensive. Nevertheless, the estimated living cost is 26% cheaper in Bristol compared to London. To find out more about living price comparisons here.

There are some great residential parts of Bristol which have become suburban hubs for young professionals. Clifton and Redland are wonderful spots, now considered to be quite ‘cosmopolitan’. They are a great distance from both the city centre and the Clifton downs. If you’re looking to save money, Redland is generally a little bit cheaper than Clifton. Henleaze is also a brilliant spot for young people hoping to travel lost due to its easy access to the motorway. Horfield is another brilliant area for young professionals owing to its good housing standards at affordable prices, as well as being a safe place. This might be overlooked but there are some parts of Bristol which new arrivals should be weary of – due to their extremely high crime rates. These include: Hartcliffe, Stokes Croft & St Paul’s, Eastville & Easton. So, if you are looking to move to this exciting professional and social hub, just make sure to do your research and find accommodation that you’re happy with.

Degree apprenticeships are initially targeted at 18-19-year-old school leavers as an alternative route to attending university full-time. However, degree apprenticeships are open to mature students, as well as people who already have a degree. Despite this there are some companies that do not accept applicants who already possess a degree.

It is worth noting that when applying for a degree apprenticeship, applicants need to go through the employer. The university is not responsible for the admissions process. Likewise, applications will not be processed through UCAS. This is likely to mean that you could actually get more help with your application, in comparison to going through the centralised university system, by speaking directly to the employers. It is definitely worth checking out their contact pages and any course directors that may be able to assist you. In Bristol there are a plethora of Degree Apprenticeships that are being offered in association with the University of the West of England.
UWE work in collaboration with employers from the public and private sector to design suitable programmes that meet business needs. This means that new courses are constantly being developed. Currently they are offering Degree Apprenticeships in aerospace engineering – manufacturing and design, chartered management, civil engineering, nuclear science, chartered surveyance and many more. For the full list see the UWE Degree Apprenticeship course page.

If you cannot find a degree apprenticeship that fits your requirements, the University of the West of England may be able to help you. Get in touch with the team and they will try and coordinate your ideas with an employer. Alternatively, you could contact employers directly to see if they may be able to help curate your dream programme.