Business Administration Apprenticeships

Business Administration Apprenticeships

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Who are business admin apprenticeships for?

Business administration apprenticeships are great for young people who are hoping to begin a career in administrative support roles, these could be in public or private sectors. Likewise, business admin apprenticeships can also be great to improve administrative and supervisory skills essential for other positions. These flexible qualifications can be tailored to individual learners' and employers' needs - no matter what industry they're in.

Where will it lead me?

Typical roles that a Business Administration Apprenticeship may lead to include:

  • Secretary
  • Receptionist
  • Administrator
  • Personal Assistant
  • Officer Supervisor
  • Manager

What is required?

To be a Business Administration Apprentice you need to be a great communicator, have excellent time management skills, and be able to prioritise your workload. Being part of a team will also be fundamental to your work, so it will really strengthen your application if you provide examples of this. Above all, the must important thing is just that you’re eager to develop and enthused to learn. As a general guide, most apprenticeships will demand at least 3 GCSEs at grades A-C in any subject, with English and Maths GCSEs at grade D or above. Likewise, all apprentices require the full right to work in the UK.

Which companies can you go into with a Business Administration Apprenticeship?

Virtually all companies require a business administration apprenticeship, or something similar. There are always opportunities within every sector. Scaffolding companies, colleges, councils and accountancy firms are just a few who frequent advertise apprenticeship roles. To find out about current opportunities check

Apprenticeship Levels

Business Administration Apprenticeships are usually taken at Level 1-4. Take a look at which level is most appropriate for you.

Level 1: This is for someone who is just starting out and wants to learn more about working in administration. You’ll only need very basic skills, such as teamwork and handling mail.

Level 2: Ideal if you are in a junior role and would like to become a team leader or manager. You’ll need slightly more knowledge of administrative support – this could be supporting events, meetings and retrieving information.

Level 3: This would be great if you have some experience of administration systems. You’d be looking to develop your skills to implement and monitor administrative procedures, perhaps with the hopes of moving into management.

Level 4: This is for someone who is already delivering administrative support services and contributes at a strategic level. You may already lead a team, or you may be looking to complete this Level 4 apprenticeship in order to acquire the skills to do so.

To understand more about the optional modules that you can take at each apprenticeship level, have a look at the qualification handbook which can be downloaded from the City and Guilds website.

Although not as widely available, it is possible to do training in Business Administration above a Level 4 Apprenticeship. To find out more about the Modern Apprenticeship offered by GP Strategies click here.