Are Apprenticeships a way through Covid-19 Storm?

Are Apprenticeships a way through Covid-19 Storm?

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Is taking an Apprenticeship a good way through the Covid-19 storm?

Covid-19 will inevitability lead the UK into one of the worst recessions it has ever had, with high unemployment levels and large scale company closures. Many students have been keen to go to university in the hope that when they leave things will be improving and as newly qualified graduates there will be a better work environment for them. Apprenticeships on the other hand which in recent times have received a great deal of political backing have generally been in decline due to the virus. Its clear that companies in many sectors will not be able to take on apprentices in the short term if they are having to make staff redundant.

However, this situation could change a great deal in a short space of time. The government is keen to for apprenticeships to be offer to young people and are offering incentives to companies to enable this to happen. The chancellor has pledged he will give companies £2,000 per apprentice, so as businesses begin to rebuild we could well see a growth in apprenticeships.

Apprentices are recruited throughout the year, so if you are able to wait more opportunities could well be on their way. Motor, retail and hospitality sectors have been the most threatened by the effects of Covid-19 on society. So these are perhaps unlikely to be recruiting the same levels of apprentices for the time being. However sectors like technology, health care and logistics could be places where recruitment will increase. Find the latest apprenticeship opportunities on our site.

Degree apprenticeships could be good you can get a full degree and earn money at the same time. Over 100 universities are now offering degree apprenticeships so although competition is high for places there are quite a few to choose from. In England Apprentices are employed throughout the training and spend part of their time at university (minimum 20%) and the rest with the employer.