Apprenticeships and Covid 19

Apprenticeships and Covid 19

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Many students thinking about taking an apprenticeship will be concerned about the effect the Covid 19 pandemic will have on which are available and whether companies will be able to recruit. This will no doubt be a worrying time for those of you considering apprenticeships. However, there are roles to apply for and some sectors will actually see growth in the amount apprenticeships they offer.

Whilst its very early to predict what will happen, we take a look at 4 likely outcomes. On the one hand many companies will undoubtedly be severely effected by the impact the virus has had and will not be able to recruit apprentices. On the other hand we don’t know what the government’s response will be and it could turn out that they decide to invest more in apprenticeships for young people to help rebuild the economy.

1. Increase in Tech

Many high tech firms have actually flourished during the pandemic and are looking to recruit more apprentices. It is worth rethinking which apprenticeships you want to apply for based on which sectors are performing better. The rise in video conferencing, social media promotion, virtual events and remote learning are just a few areas which have seen large expansions. Companies in these areas will no doubt need new apprentices.

2. Reduction in Apprenticeship Starts

In April 2020, one month into the COVID-19 lockdown, providers reported an 80% reduction in apprenticeship starts. So there will undoubtedly be an immediate reduction in the amount of places available. Many companies need to focus on rebuilding their businesses after the crisis and some unfortunately especially in hospitality, aviation and retails sectors may go out of business.

3. An Increase for Certain Sectors

Besides tech, other sectors should also see significant expansion, these include product development, engineering and healthcare. It is expected that the NHS will continue to receive extra funding promised before the pandemic and large engineering projects might be one of the ways the government starts to push the economy forwards.

4. Online Learning

The other major impact which tech will have on apprenticeships, at least in the short term is an increase in elearning and remote teaching via video conferencing. So you can expect to see changes if you are starting an apprenticeship soon.

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