Apprenticeship Interviews

Apprenticeship Interviews

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Job applications often seem endless - sending off your CV and covering letter only to wait weeks at a time for a reply. However, it all seems worth it when you receive that exciting, yet nerve-wracking confirmation for an interview, so it’s important that you make these moments count, and you do all that you can to assert yourself as a top candidate.

There are a few key ways to do this, whether it be preparing prior to the interview, or learning how to approach the interview itself.

While the types of interviews vary from company to company – whether it’s a discussion via phone or face-to-face - apprenticeship interviewers often look for specific traits, and preparation can ensure you’re presenting a good impression on the employer. For example, prior to the interview something as obvious as researching the company can be incredibly beneficial. Presenting a knowledge of the company and its principles will not only showcase your keen interest in the company and its apprenticeship scheme, but also showcase your attitude to work; something employers are always fond of.

As well as this – while it may sound obvious - suggests that time management can make a huge influence on an employers decision. Punctuality and credibility is something companies will always be aware of in interviews, and something as little as turning up on time is a great way to showcase your responsibility and reliability as a candidate. With the nerves out of the way and the interview in full swing, there are also a few things you can do to showcase your suitability for an apprenticeship. Things such as good body language, eye contact, a clear and concise voice and a polite manner always inform a good impression and can ultimately make a massive difference when you’re vying against other candidates. Particularly, apprenticeship interviews always search for an active candidate – someone who asks questions, can answer questions and doesn’t mind giving examples of your quality or experience in the field. At the end of the day – and as dramatic as it seems – this is your one shot, so everything counts.

  • By Max Lewis